Instant Content

If you want to enhance your customer journey TODAY look no further than instant content

We know how time-consuming and expensive it can be to produce and maintain quality content that genuinely lifts your website performance. It’s the number 1 reason hotel and travel marketers put off optimising their customer journey.

Now there is no more need to delay.

Location content deeply satisfies customers’ need to research the ideal experience for their holiday or break. It brings your offer to life, increases satisfaction on site and converts browsers into buyers. A code snippet is all it takes!

content solutions for hotels, hostels, b&bs and other beds

Adding local recommendations to your hotel website transforms it from somewhere to stay to local hub. What’s more, Google loves ‘local signals’.

Research shows that visitors to hotel websites bounce most when they feel they need to do more location research. Fiz solves this with a simple way to make your website attract more visitors and hold their attention – right into the booking path.



Place collections allow you to show off your local recommendations without changing your website. We create a first collection for you, based on our smart algorithm, and let you fine-tune (if you need to) in your own CMS.

Attractions show their distance from your hotel and can be displayed as maps, image tiles and carousels all of which are easily embedded into an existing page and are fully responsive.



Neighbourhood guest guides give you all the scope you need to create a new landing page for your website complete with weather, currency exchange and any other local information your guests will find valuable. These are a great way to display maps and  tile views together providing a birds eye view of your location alongside inspiring imagery.

Place content is still fully manageable within your CMS and your subscription plan allows you to build lots of lovely widgets.

Engaging and responsive on all browsers and devices


Scalable content for travel companies

Travel companies or hotel chains serving accommodation across multiple locations need smart solutions to ensure quality at scale.

Fiz rule-based content deployment allows a single code snippet to be embedded once and managed with crazy simplicity – site-wide. Travellers get the same lovely place content in whatever look and feel you choose while you get peace of mind.


Our smart platform tools comprise an algorithm that ensures the most popular places are found at any given location, and a rule-based publishing engine to ensure you display only what you want and need. Now you can deploy once and dynamically update your code snippet with the latitude and longitude of each of your property locations. Not only that, you can control zoom levels for maps, how content is displayed and what appears in your feed.

It’s still one code snippet, but it’s an extra smart one that you can manage from a CMS or direct.


Static destination guides are a thing of the past. Now there’s a whole world of real-time data and popular opinion to bring destinations to life, travellers want to be put in the know, in the now, by the crowd. Fiz creates a destination guide template based on your design and populates it automatically with your region, city or location content and your accommodation if you need us to, giving you a completely dynamic solution.

It’s the first solution of its kind and in the words of President Donald J Trump “it’s gonna be huge” (we couldn’t resist it).