Destination Guides

Inspire travellers with a dynamic destination guide and stand out from all the samey websites

Today’s travellers don’t want static, biased or cookie-cutter information about a new destination, they want to learn about authentic experiences – through the eyes of people who’ve been!

Fiz helps hotel and travel brands harness the best of smart technology, crowdsourced user-generated content, and their own unique content to create custom guides that inspire, reassure and lead visitors to book.

Rich in real-time information about the most relevant and popular local hotspots, Fiz guides adapt dynamically to your destinations and/or accommodation, and publish according to a rules-based content engine configured to your needs. Giving our clients the choice to run their content on autopilot, or use their cms to customise them whenever they need.

All you need to do is provide us with your signed-off design template which we then build out to fully responsive CSS, and return to you with your unique embedded widgets, a custom SEO guide overview, tips and any additional travel content you require.

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