The First Content as a Service Platform for Attractions and Leisure Places

Since late 2012, we have been working hard to produce a platform that removes all of the pain and most of the legwork involved in finding inspiring location content for travel and hotel websites.

We are proud to be a pioneer.


The Fiz cloud-based platform is the centre-piece of our ecosystem. It’s where intelligence, data connections and algorithms go to work – bringing places to life. Modular, fast and extensible, it is primed for innovation, customization and speed to market.


Fiz content is designed to create emotions and deliver experiences. It’s always real-time, relevant and local, turning your site into the destination of choice for traveller bookings. You can manage and augment it, or simply set it on autopilot.


Great content should not be metered and we encourage you to be creative about how and where you display it. We supply it mobile and social ready, via a simple code snippet or a data feed, and fit for your web site, app, emails and everything else.