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Inspire and convert guests with dynamic destination content

The best destination content in travel with the most competitive rates. 

With your subscription we’ll build you your very own customised Fiz widget for your homepage or a fresh neighbourhood page.

Featuring real time, user-friendly, dynamic destination content, our widgets will help your offer stand out from the crowd and inspire guests by showing off the best of your location.

A quick, simple and cost effective way to get destination content on your site instantly.

Per Month
1 x Fiz POI widget
1 x consultation chat with the team
CMS access.
And we'll walk you through embedding your widget

Fiz content isn’t like others’. We integrate and synthesise sources from across the web, curating the most comprehensive reviews and destination information anywhere in travel. Our algorithm constantly refreshes our data, guaranteeing reliable and up-to-date user generated content.

We’ll walk you through embedding on your site, you’ll then have access to you own widget dashboard to add your own edits and see user insights. And we’ll be on hand anytime if you need us for anything at all.

A quick, simple and cost effective way to get destination content on your site instantly.

Easy to deploy. Simple to maintain. The future of destination content.


Elegant digital design to suit your users and your brand


 Our real-time AI publishes only the most popular places


Crowd-rated, authentic insights from people who’ve been


A 10 minute install into your website, app or wifi welcome



Content package add-ons

Supercharge your marketing and transform your site with vibrant, compelling content.

Use our add-ons to enhance your marketing campaigns, boost your SEO, share social buzz, impress your guests and inspire potential stays.

Fiz widgets provide dynamic, user-generated content, elevating standard blog posts with clear, accessible – above all useful – content for guests and potential guests.

After a quick chat with our team we’ll get to work crafting your blogs, or curating POI collections of your choice. We’ll add any desired keywords to your unique POI descriptions – perfect for improving your SEO.

Package #1: Quarterly blogs + widgets

Four professionally crafted blogs complete with premium Fiz widgets, made to your specifications.

Create targeted evergreen content from ‘Best nearby bars and nightlife’ to ‘Great family activities and days out’. Target blogs and widgets to your customer base or mix things up!

Seasonal blogs and widgets are also great for engaging guests: ‘Summer festivals’, ‘Christmas markets’, ‘Things to do on rainy day’ – our writers can craft high quality, SEO optimised posts for your brand.

4 x Blog of 500 words
4 x Widget with featured POIs
4 x Revision and edit
Chat with the team about style, content and any SEO keywords to include.

Package #2: Monthly blogs + widgets for a year.

Relax and let us take complete control of your marketing needs. Twelve professionally crafted blogs complete with premium Fiz widgets, made to your specifications

This option means you’ll be guaranteed monthly high quality, SEO optimised blogs for your site. Each blog will be complete with twelve hand crafted Fiz widgets featuring industry beating user-generated POI content.

With this package we can create targeted evergreen content such as: ‘Our Favourite Museums’ or ‘Great Local Parks’.

However, this package is particularly great for seasonal blogs and widgets: ‘Best Valentine’s Day restaurants for couples’, ’Best things to do this March’, ‘Outdoor events this August’, ‘Great Christmas markets’, ‘Things to do on rainy day’ – we’ll discuss and then implement the best possible posts for your site aimed at your guest demographics.

12 x Blog of 500 words
12 x Fiz widget with featured POIs
12 x Revision and edit
Chat with the team about style, content and any SEO keywords to include.

Package #3: Individual Themed Widgets

A professionally crafted premium Fiz widget, made to your specifications.

Looking to electrify additional pages without the blogs? We offer extra one-off curated widgets for your site to do just that.

Show off your area’s attractions with our themed widgets: Best Neighbourhood Eats / Top Bars / Rainy Day Activities / A Great Day Out / Our Favourite cafes

The widget can either be in our customisable map view or in a tile view depending on your needs.

1 x Fiz widget with featured POIs

Package #4: Custom Place Descriptions

A professionally crafted premium Fiz description, made to your specifications.

Replace our stock descriptions with SEO keyword friendly content written for your customers and your brand. Our POI info comes with stock place descriptions which can be amended and tailored to you brand.

Stock description – “The British Museum is a free public museum dedicated to human history, art and culture.”

Tailored description – “The British Museum is our favourite museum in the whole city! Ask the desk staff for our recommended exhibitions, the best times to visit and our savvy tips for avoiding the crowds.”

With custom place descriptions you can include your SEO keyword content for maximum exposure and improved rankings too. Elevate your content even further and improve your SEO with Place Description.

per POI
1 x premium Fiz description.

Are you a digital marketer who can go it alone?

if you have in-house digital skills you can go straight to our online service, auto-generate your neighbourhood guide and receive your widget code via email. Everything you need is laid out in our simple cms where you can build and style your own widgets to your hearts content.

Any questions?

What kinds of hotels should use Fiz?

Independent and boutique hotels, hostels and B&Bs use Fiz to automate high quality local content that positions their hotel as the perfect basecamp for local sightseeing. Embedded curated content brings new sources of traffic, increases dwell time and improves booking conversions.

Do I need coding skills to embed a code snippet?

Our code snippets are extremely easy to use for beginners and can be embedded on your site in minutes, if not seconds! If you know how to publish a blog post or copy and paste content you will be able to embed our widgets. If you use an outside agency, you can pass your snippet to them and they will no doubt find it a doddle.

What if I have more than 1 hotel?

Our ‘Multi plans’ mean multiple hotel sites can be included in your account, each of which can create and publish its own widgets. Your hotels may be in a single location eg. London, New York, Tenerife, or spread across multiple locations and/or countries. More locations can be added so if you have more than 5 locations ask us and we’ll be happy to help work out the most cost-effective pricing scheme.

How customiseable are the widget designs?

We have a selection of map, image tile and carousel templates for you to choose from in your CMS, and you’ll be able to customise them further using styling options including colours, borders & font-sizes. In the unlikely scenario you aren’t able to get your widget to look exactly the way you want, just contact us. We’ll step in to help or you can talk to us about custom CSS.