Hotel Content

Content solutions for hotels, hostels, b&bs, homestays and other beds

You are not alone in finding the task of optimising your hotel website difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

It’s the number 1 reason hotel marketers don’t create fresh content.

Let Fiz do it all for you.

Transform your hotel from somewhere to stay to local hub


Fiz feeds your hotel website with inspiring, real- time information on the best local attractions and things to do. You can use Fiz across your customer journey, on your home page, landing pages, your blogs or wifi welcome – or even in your app. 


Fiz makes your marketing channels more compelling and accelerates your customer’s research by providing all the local insights they need to commit to a booking. You can use Fiz in your social media too.


Fiz differentiates you from all the other options available to potential guests, letting you stand out with a more personal approach. Your front desk or concierge can also use Fiz to share the latest location tips and reviews.

delight guests with your own virtual concierge

 how it works


We create an initial Collection of verified, popular local places for you, based on our smart algorithm, and let you fine-tune it (if you need to) in your own CMS. Your Collection is embedded in your website with a simple code snippet for each widget you wish to display. You can display places in an interactive map, image gallery, combined map and tile or a sliding carousel and make further styling changes too. All of our templates are optimised for mobile and tablet as well as desktop.

You can manage and build your widget/s in your own CMS, or you can simply leave your content on autopilot. Fiz does all the work to keep things up-to-date without any further changes to your website.


Fiz places display factual and crowdsourced content including

  • descriptions, addresses, contact data and opening times
  • images, tips, reviews from people who have been
  • meta star ratings comprised of all the social ratings we check
  • live tweets from the attraction or venue
  • any brand content you wish to add




From a single hotel to several thousand we have what you need

Get in touch for more complex needs including dynamic widgets which allow you to automatically display content for unlimited hotel sites using a latitude and longitude and other dynamic values.