Fizplaces API

Be Master of Your Own Solution

The Fiz content API offers developer access to all the globe’s most relevant and popular travel and leisure hotspots.

All places are scored, verified and blended with factual, social, image and crowd information from more than 15 quality data sources with up to 20 individual data points.

Your account will be configured to either automatically respond with places found by our unique scoring algorithm or it will simply serve up your pre-defined collection.  We can also configure your account with unlimited unique fields should you wish to add your own content. Everything is managed via a simple to use CMS.

It’s all the data you and your customers could ever want or need, enabling you to focus on the best features and experience for your application.

Places endpoint

Places are the core of the the Fiz API. A Place record uniquely identifies an individual place, a hotel or restaurant for example. This endpoint returns a list of places selected by lat/lon and based on a specific type or category in a given radius.

Place Details endpoint


This endpoint returns detailed information of a place, given its Fiz ID. The output  includes detail such as the place’s generic description, contact info, [your description], [your additional fields], address, phone, reviews, events, images, social data etc.

Lite endpoint


Our lite endpoint yields an at-a-glance snapshot of a location’s highlights for travellers wishing to identify what is in the vicinity or to quickly compare locations. The data returned reveals counts for all the most relevant travel and leisure hotspots. Sufficient detail is provided to render an example like the one below, or you could get more creative and filter your search results using the categories or place types of what is nearby.

Lists endpoint


This endpoint allows users to find IDs for all Types, MasterTypes and SubCategories in the system. These can later be used for filtering place searches with the query parameters.

An example of what can be achieved, with just the 'lite' endpoint


Contact us for an API key

Fiz API access is available to travel agents and hoteliers on request. Each instance is custom with its own private key. We will need to set up your location/s and a content plan to get you started. If you wish to manage the content in your data output, you can do so via our content management system.

Please tell us about your company and your project when you enquire so we can understand how you want to use Fiz data. If we feel we can satisfy your requirement, we will offer you a free trial of one or two locations with up to 1,000 requests per day to allow you to evaluate our solution.