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Tokyo is an intriguing blend of tradition and all things new, set against a backdrop of sci-fi skyscrapers and more restaurants, culture and attractions than you'll know what to do with. A city of superlatives, Tokyo is the world's largest metropolis by quite some distance, with famously low crime rates, suspiciously clean streets and record breaking, award winning architecture. Tokyo is divided into distinct areas and once you've seen the bright lights and famous crossing in Shibuya, hit the subway and explore. Lovers of fashion and 'Kawaii', the cultural phenomenon of Japanese 'cuteness', best head to Harajuku; Ginza is the mecca for high end fashion, dining and retail; nerds, geeks, roboticists and gamers will find heaven awaiting in Akihabara; Williamsburg or Shoreditch natives will fall for Shimokitazawa, purpose built for hipsters where independent shops, cafes and bars abound; Roppongi is for the clubbers and night owls, and those in search of history and culture won't do better than Ueno. And that's just a start! Tokyo can't be experienced all at once so little planning goes a long way. Often overlooked are the many vibrant annual festivals. Keep an eye out for Sanja in May, the March International Anime Fair, Kurayami Matsuri 'dark night' in May, Sumidagawa fireworks in July and Setsubun at the end of winter.

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Country: Japan      Capital: Tokyo      Local time in Tokyo: 16:25       Currency: Yen       Population in Tokyo (approx): 13.8m

  Sunrise: 05:55       Sunset: 16:54

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