Singapore, Lion City


There are no lions in Singapore, and there never were, but possibly a Sumatran tiger seen by the city's first King could have lead to this moniker. Add on the Merlion, a half-lion half-fish tourist symbol for Singapore, and there could be more confusion. But not so when you visit this shimmering city. For the identity of Singapura (as it is called in Malay) is clear. This is a welcoming, modern, multi-cultural and sparkling clean destination, packed with cutting-edge tourist attractions and architectural wonders including a museum shaped like a split banana or lotus flower (the Singapore ArtScience Museum). So if tasting a Singapore Sling and grabbing a selfie from Marina Bay Sands, the word's highest and largest rooftop pool, isn't yet on your travel bucket list, it's time to add Singapore now!

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Country: Malaysia      Capital: Singapore      Local time in Singapore: 15:27       Currency: Singapore Dollar       Population in Singapore (approx): 5.5m

  Sunrise: 06:46       Sunset: 18:51

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