Las Vegas, Tinsel Town


''What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'' is one of the most famous taglines in modern tourism marketing and successfully turned Las Vegas from the gambling destination of the world, to the place where anything goes. Las Vegas is all about casinos, hotels, entertainment, larger-than-life and outlandish sets, decor and props, eating, shopping and more of the same. It's also about weddings, with around 100,000 marriage licenses issued annually and not nearly all of them Elvis Presley ones. In 2015, just over 42 million people visited Sin City and 73 per cent of them said they gambled. That made the average gambling budget per visitor USD 530 and that's not trivial. Whether all those visitors left Las Vegas wearing smiles, philosophical or otherwise, can't be known, but after their excesses we feel sure many would have turned to the exceptional Rainbow Lattes, shrimp, macaroons, and possibly a slot machine for down time! All seen and done, visitors don't wander out into the Nevada desert where the moniker switches from 'roll up, roll up' to 'nothing to see here, folks, move along'.

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Country: USA      Capital: New York      Local time in Las Vegas: 00:23       Currency: US Dollar       Population in Las Vegas (approx): 603k

  Sunrise: 06:55       Sunset: 17:52

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