Barbados, land of the flying fish


Barbados, the most easterly of the Caribbean islands, is often referred to as 'Little England' because of its prevailing colonial architecture, quaint gardens, English etiquette and beloved cricket. However, it doesn't take long to uncover its local colour; a blend of West Indian and African colour, culture and fantastic cuisine. Add to that its tropical climate (expect some downpours), pure white sands, reggae and rum and you will soon be hankering for a Barbados dream break! When you do visit Barbados, don't forget to check out some historic landmarks like George Washington House - where you can now tour the underground tunnels - but also fit in time for some off-the-beaten track discoveries like Holders Farmers Market where all the best local produce will be on display and the locals will be queuing up with you for it. Oh and just to be sure you know, anything named ''Dolphin'' on a restaurant menu is not the beloved mammal but a local fish named 'mahi mahi' or 'dorado', so you can go ahead and eat it, along with coconut-breaded prawns. Mmm..

Now in Barbados



Country: Barbados      Capital: Kingston      Local time in Barbados: 03:24       Currency: Barbadian Dollar       Population in Barbados (approx): 284k

  Sunrise: 05:50       Sunset: 17:34

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