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Shamelessly wealthy with classy hotels, restaurants and shopping malls everywhere you look, the clean and modern city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates is a place where money really isn't an issue. The city has grown rapidly since the 1970s, with the skyline beginning to resemble that of Manhattan with its glistening modern skyscrapers, and building work spreading to the neighbouring islands of Al Maryah, Yas and Saadiyat. Offering warm sunshine year-round, Abu Dhabi is also blessed with beautiful beaches, with the impressive beachside promenade of the Corniche being a must-visit for any guest to the city. Bigger and better than your average seafront, it stretches for 8km and offers a cycle track, palm tree gardens and a stretch of cafes and restaurants. Also worth visiting are the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (though be sure to dress and behave appropriately), Ferrari World, home to the world's fastest roller coaster, and the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which is due to open later this year. A fascinating clash of the Arab and Western worlds, any visitor will instantly be taken in by the unique culture of this spectacular city.

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Country: UAE      Capital: Abu Dhabi      Local time in Abu Dhabi: 11:25       Currency: Dirham       Population in Abu Dhabi (approx): 2.7m

  Sunrise: 06:24       Sunset: 17:47

Insider tips

The currency used in Abu Dhabi is the dirham | Between November and May is the best time of year to visit, with temperatures averaging 25 degC, as it is not too hot to be outside for long periods of time. Many buildings, however, have air conditioning. | The city's street system is very confusing, so it may be easier to tell a taxi driver to head to a local landmark instead

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