Case studies

Oliver’s Travels offers over 2000 hand-picked luxury villas across hundreds of wonderful European locations. Not a brand to do the ordinary – as their tagline says – they were quick to recognise the value in giving their website visitors the chance to explore each villa location with an interactive map populated with the best local attractions and other hotspots.

How it works: A single dynamic code snippet reads the precise latitude and longitude of each of their villas on the fly, generating a populated POI map for their Location tab complete with the villa as the named central pin. Places are output based on a set of rules held in the Fiz engine. A Fiz map template was selected with coloured icons. For speed of implementation our widget solution was chosen over our API. The result is the same – fantastic location content while bypassing the potential impacts of new development.

St James Court Hotel, London is one of the Taj Hotels and is blessed with a wonderful location a hop and a skip from Buckingham Palace.  The hotel is equipped with no less than three specialist concierges to help guests exploit everything the hotel has to offer.

Desire: despite these advantages, their Director of Marketing was convinced that for certain guests, person to person interaction with a concierge would not always be their preferred option, whether for reasons of language, time or simply because they were digital natives. He wanted to create a digital guide to the local area, and so the ‘Virtual Concierge’, featuring prominently on the hotel’s home page, was born.

Solution: Fiz provides two solutions in one. To allow single places to be embedded one at a time into content originated by the hotel – whether a home page zone, a landing page or a blog – Fiz placelets are used to create pop ups that keep the user on the website. This works just like a hyperlink.  Meanwhile, the full custom collection of places that the hotel wishes to recommend is launched as a widget on its own landing page.

Result: St James Court’s concierges are fully involved in this Virtual Concierge and their own tips and advice can be added to each place. Content can be changed 24/7 365, because the quality of a place has changed causing it to drop from the recommendations, or seasonally, because at Christmas it is great to include more local markets.

Bespoke Hotels is a mid-size, independent hotel management company and the largest in the UK. Its eclectic portfolio of boutique hotels has grown to 97 properties worldwide, each synonymous with the best the location has to offer. So it was apt that Fiz was called upon to populate its Location tab with something a little more special: a curated selection of the best local things to see and do.

How it works: An image pod design template was selected to display visual images of the attractions surrounding each Bespoke Hotel or Spa. Using a dynamic code script, each page recognises the precise location of the property and calls for the most relevant local places the hotel’s guests will want to explore. A default category of Attractions and Landmarks was set to ensure that the most recognisable places display first, while the filter allows users to view All places or browse by category.

Le Boat, Europe’s no. 1 boating company, pioneered the first interactive cruise companion app early in 2014. Their priorities were to help customers operate their boat, navigate their chosen route, identify and operate locks, and locate and enjoy the best local sights.

Challenge: accurate information on locks, mooring and essential amenities was seen as critical to helping customers enjoy their trip with maximum convenience, but precious little data was available. In addition, only those local attractions and hotspots accessible from the riverside would be of true value so a custom set of recommendations would be needed. A way of sourcing good data in order to improve and supplement it on a continual basis was also needed.

Solution: fiz collated the best data sets its relevance algorithm could find, while Le Boat used their own staff to add, refine and improve the information via the fiz cms to make it ready for publication. A custom API delivers this content to the app developers but Le Boat remain in control of what it contains.

Result: Le Boat now have the most complete and reliable source of European waterway navigational and poi data available. New data sources are added to the fiz platform as the company launches new routes. Changes are dynamic and no app updates are needed to keep the content accurate and fresh. Last but not least, Le Boat customers need not miss out on the best local sights and experiences.

iRiS is a market leader in hospitality technology aimed at delivering the very best guest experience inside a hotel. Their clients include 8 in 10 of the world’s largest hotel groups.

Challenge: For iRiS and their clients, the missing piece in the guest experience was a premium local recommendations service consisting of popular things to see and do in the hotel vicinity, tailored to each hotel’s brand and guest profile.

The solution also needed to fit seamlessly within the iRiS virtual hotel valet web app, creating an elegant interface for hotel guests while also being easy to edit, update and improve for hoteliers keen to manage the content proactively.

Solution: fiz was able to deploy a custom design interface for iRiS and to open up its platform as a partner channel where multiple locations and brands can be managed together. To create scale and efficiency, we fine-tuned our algorithm to ensure automated collections of places could be generated prior to handing it over to the hotels – a great time-saver. 

Result: Now that guests can enjoy great local recommendations fiz and iRiS plan to explore the best way to provide real-time ticketing information. Chris Atkin, Chief Commercial Officer at iRiS Software Systems, said: “This is the beginning of a great partnership and we’ll keep working with Fiz to develop content and services to further enhance the guest experience.