Additional services

Now you’ve got inspiring content, raise the bar even higher with Fiz additional services.

From dedicated support to unique content enhancing SEO, check out our add ons and build more value and customisation into your plan.


To make your journey even smoother we can provide installation assistance, create custom themed widgets or have our dedicated digital assistants just take on everything.

One off
Installing Fiz is easy. But if you like, Fiz can take care of the initial installation so you don’t even have to think about it.
A quick chat and we’ll curate widgets to your specifications, add them to your site and hey presto, you’ll have dynamic destination content up and running.
Digital Assistant
15 hours p/m
Outsource all your content updates and widget requirements to us for total peace of mind.
We help update your widgets, add unique descriptions, find any missing places you may want to add and provide all round maintenance of your destination content.
Themed Collections
per collection
If you’re unsure how best to use Fiz widgets or looking for an inspirational boost, we can curate a selection of unique collections for you.
Anything from Top Rated, to Best for Families, or something more quirky. Custom collections are a great way to get a fantastic, unique selection of top Fiz content for your site.

Customisation and data

We can make Fiz seamlessly merge with your branding, provide in depth reports and increase your Fiz data allowance.

Data Boosts
£2.50 / per 5000 requests
If you are consistently bursting the banks, we can add extra data to your plan
Custom Reports
If you want to get at very specific user insights, a custom report is probably on the cards.
Custom Design
If you prefer your own design of widgets and placelets, we'll create a custom template based on your own CSS

Blog and content services

Our expert writers can craft regular tailored blogs or content pieces for your site or add Fiz widgets to bring your existing pages to life.

Blog (without widget)
per blog
Struggle to keep producing regular content? As proud destination content experts, we can craft regular high quality, content.
With this package we create a blog of between 400 - 800 words without an interactive mini widget.
Blog (with widget)
per blog
‘Best local bars’, ’10 great walks nearby’ – we work to your spec and can tie posts to your Fiz content for maximum impact.
With this package we create a blog of between 400 - 800 words, and add a dynamic Fiz mini widget with all featured places.
Mini widget only
per widget
Doing fine for blog content? If you're looking for your blog to stand out from the crowd you can opt for a single mini-widget.
We create a specified widget with relevant POI info for you to copy and paste into your content.
Place Descriptions
per place
Replace our stock place descriptions with SEO friendly unique content that has been written with your brand and customer in mind.
Fiz place descriptions can be tailored to your audience ensuring maximum engagement and satisfaction.

Destination Guides

Fiz is the only platform that provides fully customised travel destination guides. We work to a design template of your choosing to style your guides to suit your brand. You can fully manage your collections, right down to the smallest detail that appears on every place.

Master Template
£900 one-off
template built to your supplied design and first destination guide complete with unique collections and content
Additional Guides
£225 per guide
guide configuration, custom place collection and 300 word destination overview for each subsequent guide