David Hughes

CEO and Cofounder

David is a technology, business, customer hybrid with an acute knowledge of travel. In the last 10 years he has transformed the technology roadmaps of a number of heavyweights including Thomas Cook, TUI Travel plc (Specialist), Hotels4u, Flexible Trips, First Choice and Cosmos. David’s roots are in entrepreneurship, so at the helm of Fiz he is right where he belongs.

Sarah Hughes

Commercial Director and Cofounder

Sarah works at the heart of Fiz’s vision to create instant, engaging content that helps brands and their customers across the travel relationship. Her passions are curation, context, and the peer economy. She has been deeply involved in transformative technology since 1988. Within the non profit sector, she was privileged to spearhead a few charity firsts: a global donation portal, a charity ISP and an e-banking tool, going on to become a digital consultant. Alongside family and Fiz she continues to support charities through mentoring and advice. She grew up in Gibraltar and is a rusty linguist.

Favourite discovery: 

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Murad Hajeebhoy

New Markets Director

A leading travel strategy consultant, Murad Hajeebhoy was formerly Vice President of Emerging Markets at Expedia (2008 to 2010) and more recently eCommerce Consultant at Thomas Cook (April 2011 to Aug 2012) and Advisor to a start-up online travel agent in Russia, Oktogo. Murad develops new markets for Fiz, primarily in the USA and Asia, and he is also an investor in the company.

Matt Ambrose

Content Master and Travel Nomad

Matt is a travel nomad who knows first hand how difficult and time consuming it is to find location information that’s up-to-date and, most importantly, authentic. So he lives the spirit and the letter of experiential travel in his daily life. At Fiz, he turns our individual and collective knowledge into powerful insights, tools and case studies that help travel and hotel companies to harness the latest trends to attract guests and increase bookings.