Fiz is a content distribution platform specifically designed for the online travel industry. It serves high quality, real-time, local destination content on attractions and local points of interest such as places to eat and drink. Fiz synthesises the best data about a place for travellers helping them choose where to stay in confidence. This location ‘context’ is vitally important in their accommodation research.

What is the benefit of Fiz to travel and hotel brands?

Fiz provides travel and hotel brands with the ability to differentiate themselves and ‘shout’ about their great location and influence conversions by providing independently verified, high quality, real-time local destination content. This helps and assists the travel consumer in their research and selection process, provides confidence about the destination and accelerates the booking process and frequency. It also confirms the quality, choice and popularity of the local places to visit near the destination during their stay.

What is the benefit of Fiz to the travel consumer?

Fiz helps travel consumers make informed decisions, choosing great places to stay and the very best places to visit during their stay. Independently verified, high quality, real-time, local destination content confirms the quality and popularity of the local places. Travel consumers can now make informed choices, avoid disappointment and make the most of their stay with confidence and minimal effort.

A quick overview of Fiz

  • Fiz is a global platform – we can curate any place on earth in minutes
  • Fiz algorithms source the most accurate and relevant collections of places by harvesting data from 15+ partner and third party sources
  • Fiz content is dynamic and real-time – always fresh and current
  • A place may contain up to 20 curated data points including live opening times, images, social links, tips, reviews and events
  • We score all our places for quality and relevance, and we also manually verify the top hotspots around the world, making them FizApproved
  • We have 30,000 Fiz Approved hotspots – growing daily – but our total database runs to 100s of thousands of high quality travel and leisure places
  • Curated content is good for SEO, but best when blended with your own unique brand content
  • Fiz can embed your booking affiliate links giving you the potential to earn ancillary revenue too
  • Fiz clients can add their own unique attributes to the places they publish to enhance their content and SEO
  • Client content is encrypted to display only on your channels
  • In-built social sharing allows your customers to share the places they love
  • Fiz provides unlimited access to amend content 24×7 via your dedicated CMS
  • Fiz is powered by Amazon Web Services
  • Our continuous development and smart deployment techniques ensure regular, rapid improvements for customers
  • Content is available via a rapid integration widget or a smart set of APIs