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welcome to Fiz: location content and travel guides

Enhance Your Offer with Experiences and Increase Bookings

Today’s travellers crave experiences. They spend hours researching attractions and tourist hotspots before booking. Fiz enables you to collect and present local destination content an engaging way that inspires, delights and gives travellers the confidence to book.

Fiz is an automated tool that curates up-to-date and authentic user generated content on travel experiences. This includes social media updates, reviews, photos and more. It then presents this content as beautiful, quick to digest ‘placelets’.

Taking only minutes to install, Fiz instantly turns your website into a gateway to new experiences. It adds the emotional appeal of experiential travel to your offer and increases bookings as a result.

Benefits of Fiz embedded content

Saves time

Fiz widget and travel guides install in minutes, run on autopilot or can be managed in your own cms. They also save time and frustration for your visitors, by helping them quickly see the highlights of your location.

Saves money

So much more cost-effective than curating content manually and so much more valuable than cookie-cutter place descriptions. What’s more, Fiz content is real-time and always up-to-date and perfect for out-of-the-box or custom SEO.


Travellers crave experiences. Fiz works across the booking lifecycle to inspire, delight and serve customers with real-time travel know-how, helping customers maximise their stay and enhancing their satisfaction


While research overwhelming shows customers want local know-how, very few hotel and travel sites provide it. So you’ll be standing apart from the crowd.

Widget, feed or API - content you can control that your users will love

On brand

Select your display templates (maps, image tiles, carousels) and other styling options to ensure your location content blends seamlessly with your design and user experience. Or ask us to integrate a bespoke design template.


Make sure the places selected for your collection or feed are the best local hotspots for your clientele or destination. Hand-pick them yourself or let our scoring algorithm do the work for you. You can add your own unique descriptions and extra attributes.


Content is optimised to respond to all the displays and devices your customers may use, presenting the best possible user experience.

Fiz hyper-local, dynamic content works perfectly to create reassurance, inspiration or action wherever you and your customers need it to..

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Discover elite hospitality and travel marketing tactics:

  • Engage with travellers earlier in their research journey
  • Enhance your offer with 'experiential' travel
  • Improve website stickiness
  • Increase confidence in booking
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