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welcome to Fiz: location maps, galleries and guides

Could you be missing out on winnable bookings?

Today’s travellers crave experiences. They spend hours researching locations, bouncing from site to site before choosing. You can end their frustration by adding quality location content to your website to give them the confidence to book.

Fiz fills your website with real-time, authentic content on local attractions, landmarks and leisure places. Descriptions, visitor tips, reviews and photos, along with events, opening times and more are presented as compact interactive maps and visual galleries that you can either ‘set and forget’ or customise to your heart’s content.

Taking only minutes to embed, Fiz instant content transforms your website into a gateway to new experiences. It adds emotion and authenticity to your offer, increasing dwell time, repeat visits and ultimately, bookings.

“Fiz gives us a single smart code snippet that automatically publishes the most relevant and popular local places around each and every one of our hotel properties. It’s simple, effective and our customers love it!”

– Robin Sheppard, Managing Director, Bespoke Hotels

Fiz content on desktop and mobile
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fiz content management system

Fiz maps, image tiles and carousels are responsive and can be styled to ensure a perfect blend with your website.

Our algorithm does the work of finding great places for you. You can run with its recommendations, add and remove places, and create your own unique content and places.

Content is embedded as a widget. Create one or many, it’s up to you.

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves” – Pico Iyer