Fiz: destination guides, interactive maps, visual galleries and guest guides

We see (your) destinations through the eyes of the crowd

Fiz is a content subscription platform for travel and hotel companies. Our smart tech finds the world’s most popular points of interest ranked by user ratings, recency and social proof and lets you embed it in minutes.

Today’s travellers crave authentic experiences yet waste hours in frustrating online research. We let you end their frustration by adding real-time location content to your offer that quickly empowers their decisions.

Fiz content truly is different. Authentic, real-time and packed with social proof. Attractions, landmarks and things to do are brought to life. Descriptions, visitor tips, reviews and photos, along with events, opening times, ratings and more are presented in the style of your choosing; from compact interactive maps to visual galleries that you can either ‘set and forget’ or customise to your heart’s content.

Fiz instant content transforms your website into a gateway to new experiences. It adds emotion and authenticity to your offer, increasing dwell time, repeat visits and ultimately, bookings.

500,000 crowd-rated things to see and do in 510 destinations and counting..

“Fiz gives us a single smart code snippet that automatically publishes the most relevant and popular local places around each and every one of our hotel properties. It’s simple, effective and our customers love it!”

– Robin Sheppard, Managing Director, Bespoke Hotels